Incorrect Quotes Generator FAQ

Suggestions that have been made aware to me and MAY be implemented in the future(no promises!)

Questions I get asked more than once

"Can I use these/screenshot these/make fanart with these/etc?"
Of course, go for it! Don't worry about crediting or anything like that, I really don't care about that. Go nuts!

"Can I help edit your code?"
Nope! I really appreciate the people asking to lend a hand, but I would rather not trust strangers to be able to edit this site without me knowing/approving, let alone have my neocities login information. Please remember that, while you have great suggestions, the generator DOES currently work as intended!

"When will you add [one of the suggestions above or a new suggestion]?"
Hey, I appreciate the eagerness, but I'd like to just make this clear: I work a full-time job and like spending my free time doing other things like art, socializing, etc. I don't have the time/energy to work on this generator all the time. And while you guys give really good suggestions, I AM currently happy with where the generator is! This was honestly something I made for just my friends and mutuals and I to goof around on, I wasn't expecting it to blow up as much as it has!
I can make no guarantees on when(or if) new features and/or prompts will be added. But thank you for the interest!

"Do you have any other sites?"
Nah XD

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